D-Zign Girlz, Brookwood School

The D-Zign Girlz at Brookwood School in Manchester-By-The-Sea, MA are taking their knowledge of 3D modeling and 3D printing to new heights. This group of 6th grade girls worked with residents of the Harborlight House, an affordable housing residence for seniors in their community. While spending time there, the students identified problems that residents were facing and then worked closely with each resident to prototype, refine and develop a low-cost 3d printable solutions.

Gracie worked with Joan, who liked to play cards, but had a torn rotator cuff, making it difficult for her to hold up her cards for an extended period of time. Gracie developed a customized cardholder to meet her needs.


Addie worked with Lorraine to design a special key holder that would make it easier for her to hold and turn the key to enter her room.


The projects that the D-Zign Girlz tackled are part of a larger effort to identify problems around the community that can be solved by 3D modeling and 3D printing. Rich Lehrer, a science teacher at Brookwood School, started the 3D Problem Bank a couple years ago and its been a great way to inspire students to find problems they care about in their backyard and figure out create ways to solve them.



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