The goal of our project is to shine a light on the many members of the Maker community who are working on projects in their communities to help others and solve important problems. These projects are diverse and are addressing issues in health, environmental sustainability, homelessness, safety and beyond.

Our Team


Sam Bloch

Sam is the Founder and Executive Director of Communitere International. Sam began his career of post disaster relief in 2004 in response to the Asian Tsunami and since then has worked in Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal to empower individuals to develop their own solutions to the problems in their communities. In September 2016, Sam co-organized the first humanitarian focused Maker Faire in Kathmandu in collaboration with several local organizations and with support from the American Embassy and World Vision International.



Kate Gage

Kate was formerly a Senior Advisor at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. Before joining the White House, Kate was Senior Advisor at USAID in the Global Development Lab during the Obama administration. At USAID, she led much of the Agency’s engagement with the Maker Movement and access to early stage manufacturing tools in the developing world. Kate has also worked on a number of Grand Challenges to engage innovators in solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges, including Fighting Ebola and Saving Lives At Birth.


Stephanie Santoso

Steph was formerly the first Senior Advisor for Making at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy during the Obama administration. In this role, she helped develop President Obama’s Nation of Makers initiative to support and broaden access to the Maker Movement. Through her current work with the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and Infosys Foundation USA, she continues to work closely with federal agencies, mayors, maker spaces, libraries, museums, companies foundations and others to develop activities and programs that: facilitate local, community-based problem solving, create more opportunities for students to engage in STEM and the arts through making and support Makers who want to become entrepreneurs.